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The surprise of getting it back makes me happy all day. The phone came back, and I took a look and turned it off. Perhaps this is the best time to cut off the past. Then everything went well. I found the descendant of the monk, listened to him sing a little and recorded it with a recording pen. After that, he went to the Mogao Grottoes with Cheng Ziheng. The sunset there is very beautiful. Look at those murals. I'm just looking at them. I'm not an art student. I can only look at colors and lines. However, the sunset of Mingsha Mountain makes me want to cry. The sand waves are gentle and Cruel, the story of thousands of years appears and disappears in front of us, and finally falls into darkness. Tourists came and went, and the hurried footsteps only stopped for a moment. Everyone will have different feelings when they see the Gobi and sand dunes. For me, that feeling is called thinking. Read. At this moment, I miss Xia Changning very much, miss his embrace, miss his smile, want him to call my name in a low voice beside me: "Fu Sheng.." Why is there Yichen and his son? Why did he have to be responsible for his past after he made me fall in love with him? The teacher said that I could enrich my feelings about the Gobi, and from then on I had a kind of sadness called boundless. Fu Sheng, do you know why the sound of camel bells is more melodious in the Gobi? I looked at Cheng Ziheng and thought, is he really just a companion? Someone who asked me to be his companion at school so he wouldn't be alone? An ordinary partner can be because I made a special trip to Lanzhou? Just as I was first moved by Xia Changning because he came to the northeast to pick me up, Cheng Ziheng also moved me. Just,High Speed Nail Making Machine, only moved. What are you thinking about? I laughed. "What would it be like to have a rock band playing here?"? Or a pop singer! Cheng Ziheng sang a song, a song I had never heard before. Sing a piece of homesick song, sing a piece of Tangshan ballad, the endless bumpy road is just like the footsteps of ancestors, holding an old Yueqin, two or three tuneless old singers,Iron Nail Making Machine, the sound of the Qin is still in Hengchun alone. The legend of the sunset wind to the ocean, the sadness will disappear, continue your rest, sing a Tangshan ballad, sing a homesick song.. Haven't you heard of it? Fei Xiang's old song is called Yueqin. Sometimes old songs are wonderful to sing. I really haven't heard it, but I was moved when Cheng Ziheng sang it. His voice was full of masculine depths, and in the absence of accompaniment, the singing was mixed. Mixed with the occasional sound of camel bells, it becomes very sensational. I asked him impulsively, "Elder Martial Brother, do you really just regard me as a partner?"? So as not to be lonely at school? But you've been working with your boss. Teachers are busy in the office, and they don't have much time in school. Cheng Ziheng was stunned and laughed, Nail machine manufacturer ,nail manufacturing machine, "silly girl, do you have to talk about love?" My face turned red, and I didn't know how to answer. Cheng Ziheng looked at the setting sun and said slowly, "Fu Sheng, you see how nice it is. It will be more sad to see such a scene alone. How nice it is to have someone to accompany you." "Elder Martial Brother, have you ever liked anyone?" Of course I have. It's just, not every relationship works out. Maybe I will forget her in the future, maybe I will meet someone who makes me move again, maybe my heart. She's the only one in the room. Cheng Ziheng's eyes looked at the setting sun, and there was a kind of bitterness on his face. My nose is sour, proud of the excellent school grass, the original also has such a sad and beautiful past. He put his arm around my shoulder and said to me, "Fu Sheng, sometimes you can get love by fighting for it. It's not as difficult as you imagine.". Why don't you call Xia Changning? I was surprised. How did he know? Did Orange tell him that? Come and sit down. Maybe tonight we can go back to the hotel after seeing the winter stars. Cheng Ziheng pulls me to sit down, the wind blows over, he pulls up my hat casually. Come on, the action is very natural. I couldn't help being curious and asked him how he knew the story of me and Xia Changning? But Cheng Ziheng pointed to the brightest star beside the moon and said, "It is always beside the moon and never leaves.". Everyone thinks the moonlight is extremely beautiful, but there are few. One sees its company. The star was glowing with white fluorescence. Although it was far away, it was very bright. It was the brightest star in the sky at this time. I heard something in Cheng Ziheng's words and waited patiently for him to finish. "Fu Sheng, give me your cell phone." I handed it to him, and he dialed a bunch of phone numbers, pressed the button and handed it directly to me. My heart jumped again. After the phone rang a few times, Xia Changning's voice rang leisurely: "Hello?" I didn't speak. I looked up at Cheng Ziheng. He smiled and turned his head to one side. I Xia Changning chuckled and said, "Did you change the number?" "Well, I lost my cell phone and bought another one." I don't know what to say, but I don't want to hang up. When is the winter vacation? Winter vacation? What should I say when I see him at home? I remember the last time I called him and broke up on bad terms. I really don't know what to say at this time. But the words are blurted out. Out: "Winter vacation at school, not back." "Is it?"? I thought I could see you before I got married. What? What did he say? I suddenly remembered that Xia Changning had said that we had broken up. Nose at a draught acerbity, I sniffed to say to him: "My winter vacation does not come back." Come on, Elder Martial Brotherther will introduce me to a job, just in time to earn some money. Xia Changning was silent for a while and said, "Don't you go home to spend the New Year with your parents?" "No." I'm going to marry Yichen in the Spring Festival, and I wanted to see you again. Fu Sheng, take care of yourself. He hung up on me first. I looked at my cell phone and raised my hand to smash it, but I couldn't bear to part with it. Cheng Ziheng sighed and put his arm around my shoulder. I sniffed, leaned on his chest and cried. Marry her, marry her! "Abduct the groom!" How did I abduct him? He himself wants his son and wants to marry Yichen. What qualifications do I have to abduct him? I close my eyes, the night here is really cold, cold. It makes me tremble all over. Elder Martial Brother,Nail machine supplier, be my boyfriend! I'm alone, alone. The endless misery quickly overwhelmed me, and I trembled with fear.

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