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Yan Chunlei nodded and said, "When I came out this time, my father told me that all the countries in Wulin in the Central Plains had run out of gas, and there was no way to save the day. Shuihongshao would enter Wulin, and his gas was so strong that it was like the sun at its zenith. For the time being, it was difficult for him to stand by. Because he remembered the kindness of the Venerable Master Kanli in those years, he could not stand by. So he asked me to come specially to lead And I'm not allowed to meddle in this matter. Yin Jianping was stunned and did not make a sound. Yan Chunlei smiled coldly and said, "When I was ordered to come south, I first went to the Lengqin Pavilion on Nanputuo Mountain and found my friend Lengqin Jushi, but I never thought that he was the same as my father." Yin Jianping murmured, "What did the householder say?" "He told me," said Yan Chunlei, "that the great calamity of the martial arts world is coming, and the factions have run out of steam. We can't force ourselves to take the lead. We should avoid it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the disaster will be delayed. I have to pick up the people and return quickly. Mind your own business!" Yin Jianping said with a sneer, "Jutu said the same thing. It really surprised me!" Because of Leng Qin Jushi, he had a period of friendship between master and apprentice, and the old swordsman Yan was the elder of the other side, so it was inconvenient for him to blame him, but in his heart he was deeply contemptible of the two elders' self-sweeping style behind closed doors! Yan Chunlei saw his face in anger, between the eyebrows of the heroic pressing, can not help but be deeply moved, this kind of temperament, it is congenial to him, do not feel sympathetic! Then he smiled and said, "Brother Yin,Stainless Steel Toilet China, are you dissatisfied with my father and Leng Qin Jushi?" Yin Jianping stepped back and said, "How dare I?" "You don't have to hide it," said Yan Chunlei. "If you agree with my father and the householder, I won't make friends with you." Yin Jianping was startled and murmured, "What does Brother Yan mean?" Yan Chunlei said with a sneer, "It's the first time I've met you, but we're as loyal as each other.". How old are you this year? Yin Jianping froze for a moment and said, "Twenty-five.." Years old! "All right!" "I'm four years older than you," said Yan Chunlei. "I'm twenty-nine this year. If you don't see me, we'll be brothers here today. What do you think?" This person is really a forthright personality,Time Delay Tap, sincere words, a bright and affectionate look, without the slightest affectation. Yin Jianping was so excited that he exulted, "So the eldest brother is on the stage, please accept the younger brother's worship!" With that, Na Tou worshipped. Yan Chunlei knelt on one knee, saluted each other, and was very moved to help him up. "Little brother," said Yin Jianping, "it's too high!" "Since you are brothers," said Yan Chunlei, "don't be polite. In the future, you and I must share weal and woe and help each other, so as not to make friends in vain." When Yin Jianping saw that what he said was sincere, he was greatly moved. He left home at an early age and drifted all over the world. He was determined to suffer all the hardships in the world in order to learn all the merits in the world, so that he could endure the desolation of the world through rain, dew, wind and frost. Although he worked hard and was valued by his teachers, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Tap, he was also able to spur him on, and there was little warmth to speak of. At this moment, the brotherly friendship that Yan Chunlei imposed on him moved him so much that he almost burst into tears! Yan Chunlei said, "My martial arts may be better than yours at the moment, but I'm not as mature and prudent as you. To tell you the truth, I can't help meeting Sister Gan for a while." Yin Jianping said with a wry smile, "I don't have this impulse. I'm just not afraid of being laughed at by Brother Lei. I know that my martial arts skills are far worse than hers. I have to put up with it for the time being." Yan Chunlei raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly, "I've come all the way south, and all I've heard is how fierce Sister Gan is. I'm really angry. To tell you the truth, the reason why I stayed here was that I didn't follow my father's instructions. I really wanted to meet this girl for a while." "So you haven't seen this sister Gan Nineteen?" Asked Yin Jianping. "No," said Yan Chunlei coldly. "In order to see her true face, I followed her for thousands of miles. Unfortunately, I missed her three times, and I was one step slower. From this we can see that this girl really comes and goes without a trace. The dragon sees the beginning but not the end. It is so mysterious that it is unpredictable!" "It's because of this that I'm staying here in Baishiling, waiting to see her," he added with a sneer. ” Yin Jianping listened to this, can not help but move in the heart! In front of Yan Chunlei Shenying, with his family background, just like a handsome, must have outstanding skills, beyond doubt, it is rare for him to have both courage and righteousness, to fight this injustice, naturally precious! However, after Yin Jianping listens, the mood actually feels unusually heavy! It was because he had witnessed the superb skill of the girl, Sister Gan Nineteen, and was deeply impressed by it! Therefore, under the impetus of this preconceived view, anyone who mentions that he wants to be strong or weak with her will inevitably make him pinch a cold sweat! After a pause, he murmured, "Brother Lei, I thought you were reckless in this matter." Yan Chunlei smiled and said, "What's the matter?" "That's because I saw with my own eyes Sister Gan's transcendent magic skill, which is rare in the martial arts world," said Yin Jianping. Yan Chunlei raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "You don't have to worry about me. That's no wonder. You've only seen the skill of the girl of the Gan family, but you've never seen the skill of the Yan family." At this point, he sneered and stepped back. Brother! I want you to see our Yan family's unique skill of'Erxin Bridge '! How about seeing that girl? The voice exit, the body slightly down a short, only to hear a burst of "swish swish" sound, spread from the ground. Yin Jianping first did not know why, until the eyes looked at the ground, only to suddenly realize that there is a difference! Under the dim moonlight, I could only see the withered leaves under Yan Chunlei's feet, as if they were suddenly driven by some force, and quickly spread out on their own. It's not just the dead leaves on the ground, it's some dirt and gravel. Driven by that invisible force, all of them repelled themselves outward, and for a moment they began to turn like a merry-go-round, gradually turning faster and faster, gathering more and more, and in an instant they became a large black mass, as if they had been hit by a strong wind, rolling three feet above the ground. At this point, Yin Jianping felt that there was a kind of overbearing force slowly expanding outward, the distance between the two sides was almost ten feet, Yin Jianping actually clearly saw that the other side's use of this skill,Flushometer valve, can not be said to be amazing! This show of force, in fact, is only a very short moment.

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