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The most nerve-racking thing for Zhang Daran and Zhou Cunbo was that, for some reason, Tan Zongsan hada been unable to get close to the people they had chosen to work in Yufeng Villa. In front of these people, he always makes a very solemn appearance, but in fact he is hiding from these people. This group of people was selected repeatedly from thousands of applicants. If Tan Zongsan, as the mastermind, can not really integrate with this working group, what hope is there? They reminded Tan Zongsan more than once. Tan Zongsan kept an unbearable silence in front of this completely unnecessary reminder again and again. No one knows what is going on in his mind. On that day, Zhou Cunbo handed a "note" to Tan Zongsan, requesting that all employees working in Yufeng Villa and Tanjia Garden be provided with a free lunch every day from the end of this month. The purpose is also to shorten the distance between Tan Zongsan and these employees and enhance their emotional contacts. When Tan Zongsan saw this article, he took Uncle Cun and others to the writing room and asked them, "Who came up with this pattern?"? Uncle Cun asked, what's wrong? He asked, what does that mean? Free lunch. Zhang Daran answered aside that this was not a free dinner. It's employee benefits. Promote a sense of "big family". As soon as Tan Zongsan heard this, he stayed for a while, and then he laughed again and said,ultrasonic metal welding, "Big family consciousness?"? By what? By inviting guests to dinner? What's wrong with you? Do you think the Tan family has too much money? I've already paid my wages, so why should I pay extra money for a lunch for everyone? What the hell is that? What place has this kind of manager, do not have the ability to manage their own people, had to invite everyone to lunch every day! (In Shanghai at that time, there was really no enterprise that provided free lunch to employees.) Let Jingyimen know this, don't laugh off your chin?! Chen Shi said that when we do this,ultrasonic dispersion machine, of course, we can't understand it. If he can understand, aren't we the same as him? But Why doesn't Nong understand? Didn't Nong go to England. This sentence, to the ears of others, may not be a big deal. But do not know in front of Tan Zongsan has committed a big taboo. Tan Zongsan immediately stiffened his face and snapped, "Don't tell me that Britain is not Britain.". I can't let Jing Yimen laugh. I only manage the Tan family by inviting guests to dinner to please the staff. Hey, what does this have to do with Jingyimen? It's not like we're working here for this "Jing Gali" guy. Interjected in a low voice. Under normal circumstances, he seldom interrupts. Tan Zongsan listened, more not calm, loudly retorted, I don't care about the relationship, ultrasonic handheld welder ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, I just can't let the easy door laugh at me! Chen Shi also wanted to say, why didn't you understand us? This matter has nothing to do with Jingyimen. But Zhou Cunbo immediately hinted at him and told him not to be tough any more. Chen Shi had to turn his head away with displeasure. Yes. This has always been, on the surface, Tan Zongsan rarely mentioned the word "Jingyimen", it seems that he has abandoned this matter, but in fact he has not been able to break away from the heavy shadow of Jingyimen, has been a faint and deep taboo of this big manager, but quietly no longer put on the face. And just now in Chen Shi's words, he was mentioned in the same breath with Jingyimen, which greatly hurt him. Tan Zongsan unexpectedly threw his hand away and left all the old man Chen Shi in the writing room, which made Chen Shi dumbfounding and embarrassed. Chen Shi will hand in his resignation report immediately. Let Uncle Cun drink and scold. He plays the big young master's temper, Nong also plays the big young master's temper? You can't even get a lawsuit of injustice. What else can you do?! Chen Shi tore up his resignation report. Yes, they put aside what they had done before, gathered under Tan's slightly old cloak, and then crossed Guanshan, not only to follow the old friendship with Zongsan, but more importantly, they wanted to "borrow the territory of Tan's family to do something in China, at least in Shanghai". In today's China, it is simply impossible to do something seriously without suffering a little injustice and a little injustice lawsuit. In this regard, they have fully exchanged their views and think that they have made all kinds of ideological preparations. Why can't you hold your breath? Besides, it's nothing more than a little injustice from Zongsan. We don't know about Sozo yet? Dude. Self-willed. A gust of wind and rain, a gust of thunder. The clouds open after the thunder, and the sky clears after the rain. Don't hold grudges in your heart. That's it. Sure enough, in the evening, Zong San took the initiative to find Uncle Cun. (He was embarrassed to find Chen Shi.) He said, "Since you want to try, try it.". It doesn't cost much anyway. But there are two. First, try it on a small scale in Yufeng, and the people in the garden of the Tan family will talk about it later. Second, don't set the standard of food too high. If it gets out, I, Tan Zongsan, will really become a prodigal and invite everyone to eat out every day. You also give me some face, good gnaw? Cun Bo and others secretly laughed, relaxed one breath and hurried to do the package meal. Tan Zongsan did not put this lunch in his heart any more,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and the next day he almost forgot about it. At noon, I saw Cunbo come to invite him, saying that he had something to do and asked him to go downstairs to the dining room. What is the Flower Head Sutra? He packed up the copies of the telegram he had just drafted and asked as he got up and walked out with Uncle Cun. The opening ceremony. Uncle Cun smiled and simply answered three words. Opening ceremony? What the hell? Zongsan asked again. You'll know when Nong goes. Uncle Cun said no more.

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