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Looking at the huge body more and more illusory invisible fire python, Xiao Yan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the sweat on his face like a stream, with a slight relaxation of his spirit, this just felt the burning pain all over his body, the previous close contact with the falling heart inflammation, even with the blockage of Qinglian geocentric fire, it still made him suffer a lot. There will be a period of weakness after the appearance of the falling heart inflammation. During that period, it will be the best opportunity for you to seize. I wanted to wait for others to push it to this point, but I didn't expect to rely on you in the end. Yao Lao's laughter sounded in Xiao Yan's heart. With a slight nod, he gazed intently at the more illusory invisible python in the sky, and the silver light on the soles of his feet flashed again. The difficulty of snatching the fire is not small, if it is not possible, then use the limit of the power I can use here, it will make you not weaker than Han Feng when you meet head-on.. Although that might give me away. But falling heart inflammation, you have to get it. Yao Lao was silent for a moment and suddenly said thoughtfully. Hearing this, Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment, nodded slowly, clenched his fists tightly, and whispered in his heart: "Don't worry, teacher, you have sheltered your disciples for so many years, after..". It's time to change the disciples. ...” "Oh." The old soul hidden in Xiao Yan's body smiled softly, and the faint warm current made the soul body emit a faint hair. He had been blind once, but God treated him well, not to let him suffer the same injury again. The heartache of betrayal by close relatives went deep into the bone marrow. "***!" The shrill scream suddenly resounded through the sky again,beam impact tubes, and the invisible flame that filled the sky suddenly disappeared as if it had never existed. With the disappearance of the flames, the hot temperature between heaven and earth is also slowly reduced, but people did not pay much attention to this, at this moment, their eyes are stopped in the sky where the invisible python disappeared, where.. A strange flame half a foot in size. Slowly rising. This flame looks invisible, but whoever sees it has a real strange feeling. In the flame, there is something flowing slowly, like a spirit. Although from the appearance,cold drawn tubes, this is only a flame, but it gives people a very strange feeling, that is, this flame, seems to have the general wisdom and agility of human beings. Silence all over the sky, everyone looked at the invisible flame, is a face of surprise, this flame, is the real body of the fire? "Xiao Yan, do it!" When everyone was in a short absence, Yao Lao's low voice sounded fiercely in Xiao Yan's heart. Yao Lao's voice just fell, Xiao Yan's wings behind him suddenly fluttered, his body turned into streamer, and he shot straight at the invisible flame. At the moment when Xiao Yan's body had just moved, Han Feng below also swept out with ecstasy on his face. In his palms, the deep blue flame rolled rapidly like the waves. With his understanding of the strange fire, it was naturally clear that the short time when the body just appeared would be the most fragile moment for the falling heart inflammation. If he did not start at this time, when would he wait? "Stop Han Feng!" Has been to Han Feng and other black corner domain strong are quite concerned about Su Qian, stainless steel 304 pipes ,stainless steel tube 304, see the former such a move, his face suddenly sank, a wave of his sleeve robe, harsh voice shouted. After the previous Han Feng, Xiao Yan and the fall of the heart inflammation entangled that period of time, the dean of the old people also took the opportunity to restore the fighting spirit in the body, therefore, when hearing Su Qian drink, a figure is swept into the sky in an instant, fighting wings flutter out, in Han Feng's place, forming a large human wall. Gold and silver two old, black corner domain friends, help me! When it's done, Han Feng will thank you again! Look at that heavy interception, Han Feng's face is also slightly changed, immediately toward the black corner domain not far away all the strong drink a way. Hey hey, you just grab the fire is, these people, we help you stop! With a strange laugh and a wave of his hand, a large number of figures flashed out behind him, like a sharp knife, and went straight into the interception net of the elders of Canaan College, twisting it apart. As the forces of both sides gathered again, the chaotic war in the sky suddenly started again! Su Qian looked sullenly at the broken protective net, and just as he was about to make a move, two figures flashed out in front of him, one gold and one silver, and they were the strongest gold and silver elders in the black corner area. Hey hey, Su elder, is not a fire, need to work so hard.. "The old man in gold robe smiled at Su Qian, and the old man in silver robe beside him also responded with a strange smile.". Eyes full of rage looking at the two people in front of him, after a moment, the anger on Su Qian's face suddenly slowly calmed down, palms from the sleeve robe, tone indifferent and cold: "It seems that these years Canaan College is still too kind to the black corner, ah, and even now directly riding on our heads, or..". It's been a long time since that big war. Looks like we need a little shock and awe, so.. Let's start with you two. 。” As Su Qianyin fell, his whole body space suddenly fluctuated, and a majestic momentum slowly surged out of the former's body, which was so huge that almost no one in the field could match it. Feeling Su Qian that almost raised to the extreme terror momentum, gold and silver two old face is also slightly changed, palm handover, two momentum together, this can resist Su Qian, although they claim to be able to join hands with the strong Dou Zong, but if you meet the more difficult Dou Zong strong, suffer losses, or they, after all, the gap between Dou Huang and Dou It's too big.. In the whole sky for the two majestic momentum and shock, that Xiao Yan is because no one stopped, the first flash in the group of falling heart inflammation body. Although the body of the fallen heart inflammation stood motionless in the sky, the terrible temperature released from it still distorted the surrounding space,precision welded tubes, and even Xiao Yan, who was close to it, had to use the green lotus fire to quickly solidify a tight blue fire armor on his body.

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