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He poked his head out and was about to stop when he looked back and saw the man coming after him. Suddenly his complexion changed, and the order to his mouth was changed to: "Quick, speed up!" The carriage was speeding, and behind the carriage, one man and one rider were also speeding up, never relaxing, not knowing what deep hatred they had with the business shooting. Like we're gonna catch him today. When Shang Shi saw that Wei Wei not only did not order the carriage to stop, but also quickened his speed, he could not help feeling grateful: "Boss.". You're still good to me! Wei wears out complexion strange, dry laugh twice: "Hey hey.". Two brothers in a lifetime, don't be polite to me. Although they sped up, the speed of the carriage was never as fast as that of the horse, and the man behind them slowly caught up, and the death knight did not get the order to stop, nor did he embarrass the man. With a cross and a whinny, the horse stopped in front of the motorcade, and the death knight and the coachman had to force the reins to stop. Shang She, get your ass down here! The people outside shouted, "Shang Shi looked at Wei Mo with a bitter face, but Wei Mo was surprisingly not" loyal "this time." This is your own business, or you solve it yourself,plastic pallet manufacturer, I will not accompany you down. The merchant had no choice but to get out of the car. In front of the motorcade, a fiery red steed kept spewing flames from its nose, and sparks splashed in its four hooves. This is the famous advanced Warcraft of the fire department in the western continent, the nine-level beacon fire horse. One person on the horse, the figure is graceful, the appearance is beautiful, but is a man's dress. Shang shot a frown, listen to the voice is a woman,plastic pallet suppliers, how is a man? Immediately, the man did not seem to see the business shooting, still shouting at the car: "Business shooting you get out of me, what did you do to me?" Shang Shi came to the horse with a wry smile and said, "This hero, isn't Shang Shi standing in front of you? If you have anything to say, please say it clearly." That person is stupefied, saw business shoot one eye, shake one's head quickly: "You are not business shoot, what does that beast have to be good, why do you want to pretend to be him?" The business shoots instead one is stupefied: "Please pay attention to the point, don't export to hurt people.". How am I an animal? "I was originally a merchant archer, and everyone on the mainland knew it. How could I be an impostor?" That person still does not believe: "You do not think I had not seen him, you still go back quickly, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill pallet, look for that fellow to me, I want to settle accounts with him well!"! He is responsible for what he has done to me. The merchant roared, "Who in the end, in my name, has done something that is worse than a beast and God forbid? Isn't this a deliberate attempt to destroy my reputation?" Leyaluk got out of the car behind him. "What's the reputation of your little tracheitis?" Why are you here, Linger? When Mu Linger saw Leyaluk, her eyes turned red and she burst into tears. She got down from her horse and threw herself into Leyaluk's arms and burst into tears: "Grandpa, you have to make decisions for me. I, I was killed by that beast.." Lie Yaluke is stupefied: "Business shoots, does he have so big courage?" He looks at business to shoot, business to shoot one face innocent: "I am tracheitis, you also know, how do I have this courage?"? Besides, just now she said I was an impostor, it's definitely not me. Shang Shi looked at Mu Linger in Leyaluk's arms and said with some disdain, "What does a big man look like when he is crying?" "Who says she's a man?" Said Leyaluk. "She's Mu Linger, the daughter of the old boy Mu Tu." "Ah!" As soon as Shang heard that she was a woman, he thought back and forth about the conversation just now. His eyes changed and he said in his heart, "I dare to abandon the daughter of the dean of the four colleges. This boy's courage is really not small.." Not only him, but also Lealuk misunderstood. The old man looked angry and said, "Linger, tell me who it is. Grandpa will make the decision for you." Mu Linger sobbed and said, "It's Shang She.." "Shang She is there," said Leyaluk. Pointing to Shang She, Mu Linger shook his head. "It's not him." "Look, I told you someone must be pretending to be me." "I haven't seen him since that night," said Mu Linger. When I heard today that you had already come out, I was so frightened that I ran after you, but. She said later, a series of confusion, looking at the business shooting: "It's really not him." It's me. "A voice sounded and Wei Wei came out of the car." -Chapter 197-Happy Journey (Part 1)- Mu Linger's tone is easy to misunderstand, Lieyaluke a burst of anger, originally Wei Wei is his "internal" student son-in-law, did not expect to look honest at ordinary times, actually do such a harmful thing. "Good, good, good," said Lyaluk, his face red with blood. He was too angry to speak. Shang Shi's worship of the chief had reached the extreme, and he wanted to jump up and crawl at his feet to express his admiration to him like the surging Luo River-but when he saw that Leyaluk was so angry that he wanted to jump over the wall, he rationally gave up the idea. Wei Wei looked helplessly at Leyaluk and waved his hand and said, "It's not like that. Listen to my explanation.." Mu Linger rushed up and grabbed him: "That's you!" "What else is there to say?" Leyaluk said angrily? My old man is blind. Ravna, come out. Let's go! "I didn't do anything to her!" Wei grabbed him hurriedly! Besides, I didn't even know she was a woman. Mu Linger said angrily, "I said I didn't do anything. If it weren't for you, how could I be like this?" Wei Wei said helplessly, "Miss,collapsible pallet box, would you please make things clear?"? It's easy to misunderstand when you talk like that. Mu Linger has not yet reacted: "What is the misunderstanding?" "I misunderstood that there was an improper relationship between you and me." "Ah!" Before he had finished speaking, a scream of more than one hundred decibels severely tested his eardrums. Wei frowned and covered his ears. What makes you think that? Mu Linger blushed and Leyaluk blinked. "Isn't it?" "Of course not!" "Grandpa Leyaluk, how can you make such a childish mistake at such an old age.." said Mu Linger with shame and anger. Leyaluk: "…" 。

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