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Feng Qiao bought a bag of small salted fish during the day. The second uncle's family worked hard, the days were tight, and there was usually no food on the table. Feng Qiao bought two bags of small salted fish during the day, and planned to take advantage of the present to send them to the second aunt. Big cousin, I'll go with you. Kou Xiaomeng got up from the bed with a grunt. I'll go to my second uncle's house and come back after playing for a while. Why are you following me? Kou Xiaomeng stammered, "I, I.." I'll keep you company. Look, it's getting dark. I'll keep you company. Feng Qiao curled his lips helplessly and poked her forehead: "Coward." Feng Qiao led Kou Xiaomeng through the dark alley to the door of the second uncle's house. He patted the door and said, "Second uncle, are you at home?"? It's me As soon as she announced it, she stood at the door and waited. After waiting for a while, the second aunt came to open the door. She pulled Feng Qiao and said, "Well, come in quickly. Your second brother and third brother were taking a shower at the well platform just now." "I'm just afraid of a coincidence." Feng Qiao snickered, "The second brother and the third brother are really learning from other people's big girls and daughters-in-law to take a bath at home. They go to the West River to wash, which is more comfortable and convenient. If I were a man, I would go to the West River to take a bath and play with water all day." "Your third brother didn't go, saying that he was lazy and didn't want to walk, and your second brother didn't go either, saying that he sweated all the way back after washing.". Your second uncle washes in the river every day. The two of them chatted casually about this topic, but they did not know that Kou Xiaomeng, who followed them, heard the word "bath" and his little expression suddenly collapsed. Second aunt pulled Feng Qiao to go to the house, the day is already dark, behind Kou Xiaomeng was directly ignored. Feng Qiao turned around and shouted: "Come in, Xiaomao." "Oh, there's another one in the back?" The second aunt stretched out her head, and by a little light in the room, she vaguely saw a thin figure. Oh, she said,rapid sand filters, "Xiaomao is coming with you. Come in." Feng Qiao and the second aunt went into the room to chat about their daily life and gave the little salted fish to the second aunt. The second aunt was very happy, but she complained: "Why did you buy this expensive thing again? You have two money. I told you to save money well. Save money well. Save money to buy a dowry for yourself. Why are you poor and generous all day?" "It's not expensive either. Add a little green pepper to fry in this weather, and the pancake rolls are particularly tasty." Feng Qiao smiled and pulled the second aunt to act like a spoiled child. "Second aunt, look at you. Can't you say something else?"? Are you tired of cutting wheat today? "Oh, I'm so tired. It's so hot today. Sweating is like taking a bath." Kou Xiaomao was sitting upright on a small bench, and when he heard the second aunt mention "bathing" again, he felt like itching somewhere on his body. Then Feng Dong and Feng Liang changed their clothes and came in one after the other. Third cousin, second.. Second cousin. As soon as Kou Xiaomeng saw Feng Dong, he became more and more nervous, sitting more upright, the whole person was tense, even two hands were honestly on his knees, more restrained than the first-grade pupils who attended the lecture. Feng Dong did not respond, but Feng Liang asked with concern: "Hey, little Mao Ya, Mechanical fine screen ,Lamella Plate Settler, are you all right?" The second aunt had already heard about Kou Xiaomeng's heatstroke during the day. Looking at the thin little girl, she couldn't bear it after all. She told her to go back to the fields, wear a straw hat and drink more water. If the third aunt doesn't go to work tomorrow, you can follow my mother. She's the best at reasoning. The captain can't say anything about her. She won't let you suffer losses. Feng Liang suggested with a smile. The second aunt glanced at Feng Liang, but did not make a statement. She had always been at odds with Kou Jinping. She sympathized with Kou Xiaomeng, but she did not want to be close to Kou Xiaomeng. It happened that she was so straightforward that she could not say those empty polite words. After chatting for a while, Feng Liang told Feng Qiao that he heard cicadas on the big poplar outside the courtyard wall today. The cicada monkeys began to come out. Feng Qiao became interested and followed Feng Liang outside to catch the cicada monkeys. "Go and catch the cicadas and monkeys, and I'll cook them for you under the pot." Said the second aunt, waving her hand. Feng Dong and Kou Xiaomeng followed him out. Kou Xiaomeng followed Feng Dong like his tail. He walked into the yard, trotted a few steps and said in a low voice, "Second cousin, today.." Thank you Feng Qiao only when Kou Xiaomeng coward followed her to hide, but Kou Xiaomeng followed her, in fact, there is a purpose. She is such a child, as sensitive and timid as a rabbit, looking timid and honest, dull, but who is good to her, who is not good to her, she is more sensitive than anyone else, all in mind. Thank you for what. Feng Dong smiled, "you are a child, who should not help you.". Feng Liang was right just now. My mother is sharp-tongued and tender-hearted. If no one cares about your work, you will follow my mother. Even if she scolds you, don't be afraid. She won't let you suffer losses. Kou Xiaomeng hurriedly agreed, she actually wanted to say, today's "bath" thing, you can not let others know ah-12-year-old girl, after all, already have gender awareness, shy face, people will laugh. But I didn't have the nerve to say it. When I came back from the second uncle's house, the sultry weather finally brought a cool breeze. Before going to bed, Feng Qiao stretched out his head and looked at the inner room. Xiao Fen had already gone to bed, and the sesame cake on the small cabinet had disappeared. Feng Qiaoxin said that this unfortunate child also dared to fight with her mother. Chapter 29 easy to marry (today's second watch). Feng Xiaofen was depressed for a long time. He was listless all day. He was annoyed to see everyone. He always said, "Just die.". Feng Qiao: No! If you die in this house, how can I live with Xiaomao? Feng Xiaofen stamped his feet crazily: How can I be so unlucky? After that day, Wang Zhenlong really did not come to find Feng Xiaofen, perhaps his parents were cruel to control, or perhaps he gave up. Young and green little love, how many can withstand the wind and rain. Feng Xiaofen's previous marriage was cut off by Kou Jinping. However, this matter made Kou Jinping anxious. On the other side of Kong's mother, she had worked hard several times in a row, threatening to alienate people. She had said what she should say, but there was no movement all the time. She had not seen the Kong family break off the marriage. If Feng Xiaofen made such a fuss again, Kou Jinping would not be able to sit still. Kou Jinping self-reflection, probably because she can predict the marriage of the "sorceress" image is not enough to convince people, but after all,Dissolved Gas Flotation, this is still 1977, Kou Jinping did not dare to develop the cause of sorceress in a big way. It happened that Kong Zhibin refused to go out for a long time, and he didn't have a chance to bring Xiao Fan together with him.

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