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The sound of fury was heard, and two huge creatures, like huge gladiators, wrestled crazily! Leaf Chen knew that although the western dragon was powerful, it could not defeat the violent Black Mountain demon at all, because he was not a real dragon! Only It can play a temporary delaying role! Ran And! A few Minutes, that's enough! Ye Chen waved his wand! Finger Looking at Nie Xiaoqian who is still sitting on the seat in the distance! "Xiaoqian is flying!" Brush ! Xiaoqian, together with the chair, flew directly in front of Ye Chen! Leaf Morning in the hands of the blood drink crazy knife like a snowflake general dance, Nie Xiaoqian under the body of this strange wooden chair, directly exploited into sawdust! Sure enough! As the wooden chair was destroyed, Xiaoqian leisurely woke up! This wooden chair is a ban! Leaf Chen hugged Nie Xiaoqian, who almost fell to the ground, and Xiaoqian woke up leisurely. Eye With a kind of disbelief! "叶 . . . . Ye Chen !?” Ben In the eyes of despair, burst into brilliance, and rushed into Ye Chen's arms! ( Today is my birthday. I ate a cake and boiled eggs. The fifth watch is over. It's a little late. Please forgive me. ) Chapter 362 God level reward! Five times the power card! "Ye Chen!" Small Qian's call, soft and charming, makes Ye Chen tremble in his heart! Think Come on, this real world four days, and in this world only about 12 hours of time, Xiaoqian also suffered a lot of pain? "Ye Chen..". Can't believe it I'll see you again! Small The beautiful pear flower with rain, threw in Ye Chen's bosom! Ye Chen just called out his own western dragon, do not expect this western dragon,fine bubble diffuser, can defeat the old demon of Montenegro, can delay a few minutes, let oneself rescue Xiaoqian, is also excellent! This At that time, Ye Chen and Xiaoqian embrace each other, and the background of the rear, is the western dragon Hungary Shufeng and the Black Mountain old demon, in hand-to-hand combat! Last time the Hungarian tree front could not beat Ye Chen, but that time Ye Chen had the advantage of the flying sword,lamella tube, and at this time, the dragon and the huge black mountain old demon stone monster fight, but a little more handy! Bi The size difference is too big, and the way of fighting is also different! Just Like the soldier in the attacking giant, he can kill dozens of giants with the help of instruments, but it can not be said that he is more destructive than the giant! Because For the giant can easily destroy the wall, but let the soldier long krypton wall, that must wear the blade flat also krypton does not break! At this time, the Black Mountain old demon turned into a huge mountain more than ten meters high, about the same height as the dragon, fighting like a Godzilla monster war! There is a lot of dust everywhere! Boom! Giant The dragon was thrown to the ground, broke a few bone spurs, but still frantically got up, spewing flames from his mouth, and desperately went up to attack the Black Mountain monster again! The dragon soars, the stone monster shakes the ground, filter nozzle ,lamella clarifer, and the two monsters cast their own spells! Zhou Surrounded by some of the little monsters under the old demon of Montenegro, they cried and howled one after another! A great deal of death! To fly ash! Leaf Morning saw that the Black Mountain old demon stone head monster's body state, powerful and violent, the dragon is no match at all, so summoned the Heavenly Sword, to help the dragon! Black mountain old demon also did not use magic, just the power of the body, on all aspects of suppression! Boom The roaring sound is endless! And At this time Ye Chen just hugged Xiaoqian! "Xiaoqian, what's going on?" Leaf Morning asked nervously, Xiaoqian was not insulted! "I'm all right, Ye Chen!" “ This morning, after I parted from you, I went to a nearby town, and because I had an avatar, I wasn't recognized, and everything went well in the afternoon.. I knew the way to summon you, and I was going to starve at noon and summon you. “ However, I was not hungry at all after eating your chicken last night, so I couldn't succeed in summoning it! Small Qian said with grievance! Ye Chen was stunned, no wonder Xiaoqian didn't summon herself for so long! Must Must be extremely hungry in order to create a world takeout order! After all, if you're not hungry, order a ***ing takeout? And Xiaoqian ate a whole family bucket last night, and she was not hungry during the day! "In the evening, I was just a little hungry.." " He was found by the old Black Mountain demon! "He had a deep sense of morality. He had come to look for the tree demon's grandmother today, but she was dead. So he followed the smell and came to me. He caught me here and wanted to marry me and absorb my strength!" Xiaoqian eyes flashed a trace of fear! "Fortunately, just before he imprisoned me with magic, I summoned you." ..” Ye Chen also felt a burst of danger, in case Xiaoqian did not summon success, or he came late, that is really regret! Fortunately, he was not injured! "You can rest assured, I will save you out, I have a Western dragon, extremely brave!" Boom! Leaf Morning voice just fell! That The western dragon was grabbed by the black mountain old demon tail, like a rubber mouse, was violently thrown to the ground! There is a huge pit! Giant The dragon howled! Leaf Morning eyes a shrink, black mountain old demon, really violent and incomparable! The Hungarian tree is confused! If he could speak, he would complain to his master! You Pick up girls there, and I'll get beaten here! Also, this eastern world, how so terrible! From Already in the magic world of Harry Bot, is also a party overlord, how to come here, there is only one size and size, instantly to the extent of being hanged!? God Secret East, is it so horrible!? Boom Boom ! Boom! The dragon was caught in the tail by the huge black mountain old demon, like a dead mouse, left and right, the earth shook directly! Ye Chen's eyes jumped when he saw it! Look Come on, compared with the demons and monsters in the East,disc air diffuser, especially the big monsters, even the monsters that can be called by the Demon King, these dragons in the West are still much weaker! Tao

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