Galleraki Cocktail Bar, owned by Damianos Gryparis, is housed in a double-storied building which dates since the latter part of the 1800s and lies in the middle of Little Venice. From there the view encompasses the Windmills and Little Venice as well. It is a classic example of the traditional architecture found in the Cyclades. It should be noted that during the excavations by the French Archaeological School in Delos, the archaeologists stayed at this house.

Galleraki Coctail Bar MykonosIn 1989, Damianos turned the first floor into a bar, which was called Gallery, owing to the fact that the owner, Yannis Galatis had used it as an art gallery. In 1992, he moved to the ground floor, and as the place was much smaller, he named it Galleraki (small gallery). Its position and the unique sunset, inspired him to turn it into a cocktail bar. After 27 successful years, Galleraki Cocktail Bar is widely known and appears in the most famous holiday sites in the world, such as Fodor’s (


What We Offer

Katerinaki CocktailCocktails

Our cocktails are made only with the freshest fruit. It is worth noting that whensome of them are combined with alcohol they are even more wholesome, because the alcohol increases the antioxidant properties of the fruit.



Galleraki Vol 2Music

The tenth anniversary of Galleraki Cocktail Bar was celebrated in 2000 with the release of a compilation by Greek producers and DJs in collaboration with Gravity Rec. Following its success more compilations were released.


Galleraki UpstairsServices

In the morning we serve coffee, juices as well as various snacks and breakfast. In the afternoon you can watch the setting sun sipping various cocktails, such as frozen daquiries or “katerinaki cocktail” for which Galleraki is famous.



Galleraki EventsEvents

In a lounge with a capacity of 200 people we can host all your parties and company events providing the best service possible. For more info and bookings for events at Galleraki Cocktail Bar, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

 We Star It

The Galleraki Cocktail Bar is renewing itself and is listening to you, the friends that love it and have supported it for over 25 years. Therefore, following the trends of the times and your need for social networking, “We Start It” was created. Our goal for “We Star It” is to become the “meeting point” for all the friends who already know Galleraki Cocktail Bar and those who want to know it.

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